The AMA Joy in Medicine™ Health System Recognition Program, first launched in 2019, has three strategic aims that are targeted to improve physician well-being nationwide. 

The Joy in Medicine Health System Recognition Program will:

  • Provide a roadmap for health system leaders interested in implementing programs and policies that actively support physician well-being 
  • Unite the health care community in building a culture committed to increasing Joy in Medicine for the profession nationwide
  • Build awareness of solutions that promote joy in medicine and spur investment within health systems to reduce physician burnout 

This program, which represents the AMA’s steadfast commitment to advancing the science of physician burnout, seeks to propel and empower health systems to reduce burnout so that physicians—and their patients—can thrive.

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Please note: Due to the significant strain that the COVID-19 pandemic has put on health systems in the last year, the Joy in Medicine Health System Recognition Program did not run in 2020. Any applications initiated in 2020 have been rolled over to the 2021 application cycle.