Q: Did the Joy in MedicineTM Health System Recognition Program run in 2020?

A: No. Due to the significant strain that the COVID-19 pandemic has put on health systems in the last year, the Joy in Medicine Health System Recognition Program did not run in 2020. Any applications initiated in 2020 have been rolled over to the 2021 application cycle.


Q: Can I come back to my application once I begin or do I have to complete the application in one sitting?

A: You may save and return to your application at any time during the submission window. You do not need to complete your application in one sitting.

Q: What time does the application close? I am applying from the West Coast and noticed that the application closes on May 21, 2021 at 11:59 PM CST, not PST.

A: Because our offices are located in Chicago, the timezone for this site is set to CST. However, there is a 3-hour grace period built into the application to ensure that West Coast applicants have the same amount of time to apply. The application portal closes at 11:59 PM PST. 

Q: Is there an application fee for this program?

A: No, there is no fee to apply to the Joy in Medicine Health System Recognition Program.

Q: Some documentation requested in the application contains sensitive information or data. Will our documentation be kept private and confidential?

A: Yes, all application materials will be kept private and confidential. Submitted materials are used only to verify that your organization has met the requirements for recognition. No application materials will be shared beyond the AMA team reviewing your organization’s application unless permission is granted from you and your organization.

Q: If our organization submits an application with responses or supporting documents that misconstrue or fail to meet the program criteria, will we be notified and given the opportunity to update our application?

A:  If an organization submits an application that is missing information or does not sufficiently respond to a question, a member of the AMA review team will reach out to the submitter to provide an opportunity to resolve any issues and resubmit their application. However, it is best if any confusion around criteria, supporting documentation, or the application are resolved prior to submission. Please do not hesitate to reach out to our team for assistance or clarification at any point in your application process by emailing Practice.Transformation@ama-assn.org


Q: My organization received recognition in 2019. Does my organization need to reapply in 2021?

A: Yes. Organizations that were recognized in 2019 do need to reapply in 2021 to maintain their recognition. Recognition of any level is valid for 2 years. Organizations can either apply to maintain their current level, or if an organization has been working to meet the criteria for a higher level in the time since their last application, that organization can apply for recognition at a higher level.

Q: My organization has previously applied to the Joy in Medicine Health System Recognition Program but was not awarded recognition. We would like to be considered for recognition during the current application cycle. Can we reapply? Do we need to re-submit our application or will the AMA use the first application?

A: We encourage health systems to use the Recognition Program as a roadmap for building well-being across an organization – and sometimes that is a multi-year process. We encourage health systems to apply again if they meet the eligibility criteria and have continued to make strides towards a recognition level. Organizations should submit a new application for the current cycle with updated information in order to be considered for recognition.


Q: My organization’s well-being assessment will occur in 2021. Can we assess well-being and apply for recognition in the same year?

A: Yes, your organization is permitted to assess and apply in the same year. However, please note that assessment is only one component of achieving recognition. Your organization can assess the same year as you submit an application as long as you have sufficient time to complete the other work – like reporting assessment findings to leadership – required to receive recognition.

Q: What qualifies as an "executive leadership role" for the Silver level of Commitment? Does a director-level role reporting to a C-Suite position count?

A: Yes, any leadership role regardless of title that is directly responsible for physician well-being counts, as long as the position reports to the C-suite and is supported with at least 0.5 FTE.

Q: Can the FTE requirement for the Silver level of Commitment be shared across multiple positions?

A: No. To achieve Silver or Gold recognition, an organization must have a single position with at least 0.5 FTE for physician well-being. This FTE allocation cannot be shared by multiple positions. However, an organization may still qualify for Bronze recognition with the FTE shared.